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We, invest in the care of our clients, we believe in the "Golden Rule" treat others how we would like to be treated. We try to do business with those whom do business with us. Applied Tax Solutions, started with humble beginnings in July 2008. Applied Tax  Solutions, could not have made it without you.  We Thank each of you whom have played a part in building Applied Tax Solutions the existing clients and to the New Client .  Applied Tax Solutions, in a locally owned company, we invest in our community.

We are still taking new clients call our office today!  You can reach us @ 541-654-0284. We take pride in the ability of our tax knowledge and are able to pass the is on to you. 

 Deadline for filing your taxes is April 15th, and this deadline is fast approaching.

 When a taxpayer is placed onto federal form 4868 allowing to extend the time to file, does NOT extend the time to pay.

There is 5% penalty of failure pay if taxes are not paid by April 15th and a 20% failure to file a return by the due date including extensions.

These penalties add up quickly since if your tax return is not placed onto extension and files after April 15th then there will be (if you owe taxes) a 20% penalty on top of the failure to pay penalty of 5%, if this does not get your attention then think of this, 20% + 5% + interest (yes interest starts to calculate) on top of the penalties.  Oregon Department of Revenue can impose and will impose a 100% penalty if taxes are not filed and paid within in a narrowing time period.

With the high increase of identity theft, it is important to hav someone who takes your confidential records seriously.  We request proof of identification before we will discuss any tax issues related to your individual situation.

Areas of expertise;(not limited to the list below)

We can handle more complex tax returns, if we are unable to asist you we have a diverse group of colleagues who are able.  Although, we take every opportunity to get all the tax refunds from various taxing authorities, BEWARE of those who promise they can get you larger refunds.

1. Individual E-File both federal and state.

2. Sole Proprietorship (yes, if you receive a 1099 misc. you may be considered self employed)

3. Rentals, tax laws have changed since the IRS audited rentals, new restrictions apply.

4. Non-Filer?  We can get your taxes caught up.  We will dissolve the stress of this situation for you.

5. Collection Due Process, do you owe past due taxes to the IRS?

6. Fresh Start Program, for those whom are in collection, with the IRS.

7. Installment Agreements

8. Employee vs. Independent Contractor.  There are test to confirm qualifications of both.

9. Getting ready to retire? We work closely with several Financial Advisors, at no cost toyou when you become a client, I will work with your investor to be sure you are taking advantage of every possible investment portfolio to reduce your tax burden.

10. We work with various investment advisors, working together we can review your tax liability, search for diverse avenues to reduce this tax liability.  We work within the side of the tax law.

11. Identity Theft.  We can work side by side with the IRS to resolve an ever increasing issue across the Union of the United States.

 12. We E-File for no additional charge. Some tax offices charge by the form which can be in the highest end of charging for tax preparation. We charge by a flat rate fee, as well as an hourly fee if the tax return is coming into our office with a box of scattered paperwork.

Does your tax practitioner educate you?  After all every taxpayer and spouse is required to "sign" the tax return, UNDER PEANALTY OF PERJURY," same as the paid tax preparer.

Speaking of Identity Theft, if you believe you are a victim, here is a link to the IRS to report the crime.

Identity Theft


The IRS will never call you to state they are going to sue a taxpayer for unpaid balances, nor will they ever send out information to you the taxpayer via email. Do not be fooled. If you have received any calls or email and have provided certain information through a telemarketing survey. Remember, thieves can gain access to you information on Social Networks.  These thieves are getting smarter and are piercing the veil of security.  Report these transactions to local police department, as well as the Internal Revenue Service, the Eugene Police Department as well as the IRS do take these reports seriously.

These identity thieves may contact you by phone, email and various avenues. Identity hieves work diligently to gain access to all avenues of your personal information. Vital information can be your tax records as well as banking, and credit card data. one should NEVER give out their birthdate, use social media to access your financial records. 

Identity Theft

Upon working with you , we strongly believe upon the completion of our work, that each client has an understanding of what data has been placed onto the tax return.  Upon  signing your tax return, the tax return is signed under penalty of perjury, same as we the tax practitioner.

We take tax preparation seriously, we are available year round. Have a tax question give Applied Tax Solutions a call.  Tax returns are evermore complex with the "Affordable Care Act of 2010.

We can get your tax return completed and verify what amounts you may be paying under the "Affordable Care Act."  Each year there will be changes to your Modified Adjusted Gross Income. Staying on track specifically sole proprietors will this new law is of most importance.

It is our duty to be available as the year progresses, owning a business is not a simple task.  We provide bookkeeping to assist you as well. 

BEFORE you make changes to your existing business please consult with your tax advisor, there can be tax consequence to each change you make whether you are replacing an existing asset or purchasing an existing business.  Tax rules regarding these transactions can vary greatly depending upon the situation.  Most common change of assets are vehicles,furnishings, along with other business assets.

Does your employer require you to work at home? There are tax deductions available for you.

Tax software is only as good as the tax knowledge one has.  We cannot count the many returns we have encountered to amend once an individual has filed the tax return online with various taxing authorities.  This is not to say once cannot use the tax software but if you own a business, or have other types of deductions available the tax software again, is only as good as the tax knowledge base.



The IRS has approx. a 365 Billion dollar tax gap?  They do, it is found within the IRS.  With this tax gap, the IRS is pursuing collection.